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These new paintings explore the use of rock pigments collected from around the world during Adam's travels with each rock collected re-contextualised into a memento of the place visited. Upon his return to the U.K. Grose sets about creating paintings using the pigments from these rocks, with each of his journeys recorded via GPS technology and converted into data uploaded to the Carto website, building a record of his travels in and around specific areas.

The purpose of these paintings is to record and mediate with natural elements, working with nature to form new ways of responding with memories of being in a place, exploring Romanticist and sublime reality, forming new ways of seeing and engaging with reality, whilst exploring deeper levels of reality through the mind, extracting information from the subconscious and layer into these pigment paintings. These respond to the present moment and explore outcomes through the process of their production, forming aesthetic images that speak to us through the many translations brought to the mind of the viewer.

Through the philosophy of Samuel Coleridge, Grose explores relationships between materials and mediation with natural elements of nature: gravity, microbes, accidents, incidents, chance, media.

These allow consequences to appear through the process of their production, producing natural forms, witnessed in the everyday through the intervention of nature and time, exploring entropy and change, leading to blending intermediaries that direct materials to perform and react in specific ways that are a consequence of action and interaction from the artist, allowing the accident and non-accidental to inform one another in the developing image.

Forms produced follow scientific processes born through years of practice in painting and photography, exploring the hermaphroditic hybird, producing images that examine the state of reality, through the auspices of Romanticism and Modernism, resonating with historical realities re-informed by the present moment.



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