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The Black Knight and Other Tales is a new anthology bringing together for the first time stories written and drawn by Adam R. Grose from the last six years. Fairy tales to sequential strips based on experimental narratives lifted from newspapers.

These tales explore a variety of genres from the mind of Adam Grose, Max Deacon and Tony Suleri including: The Black Knight, HMP Temeraire, Day in the Life, Veils, The Price of a Kiss, The Wolves of Willow Bay, Time Wave Zero and more.... This 52 page anthology will be available as a printed newsprint paper direct online with full colour strips and pin-ups.


The Black Knight and Other Tales
The Price of a Kiss

Cover: Adam R. Grose

Page One
The Black Knight
Day in the Life
Page One
Page One
HMP Temeraire: Childhood Survival
Jackson Clemens and Mr Rock

Page One


Illustration | Accent UK | Dave West character from Strange Tales and will be in full colour


Cosmogenesis: The Chronicles of Quongo
The Prison and Other Tales
By Adam R. Grose & Tony Suleri
By Adam R. Grose
550 page Epic Adventure in six chapters of Sci-Fi Fantasy

52 pages

Clown Press | 2001-2007
Clown Press | 2008
Available in Print and Digital Formats
Available in Print and Digital Formats
Delivery Options
Delivery Options

Phoenix: A Warrior's Tale


Survival Stories

By Adam R. Grose & Tony Suleri
Originally Published: Childhood Survival & Script/ Lettering Editor
52 pages
100 pages
Clown Press | 2009
The Sleepless Phoenix | 2010
Available in Print and Digital Formats
Four Print Copies Available
Prices Incl Post & Packing
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Layer Zero: Choices
Sci-Fi Art Now

Originally Published: Time Wave Zero


Scientific Priest Illustration

Insomnia comics | 2009
Ilex Publications | 2009

Mindscape: 1985-2011
M: Newspaper

Drawings and Paintings By Adam R. Grose


Experimental MA Fine Art Project

Clown Press | 2012

Available in Print and Digital Formats

Clown Press | 2012

Mindscape: MA 2011-2012

A Year in Cornwall


Originally published: The Price of a Kiss

Clown Press | 2012
Accent UK | 2012


2012: Final Prayer
Tales from Cosmogenesis

Originally Published: Veils


Plot by Adam Grose | Story & Art by Tony Suleri

Robert Heske | 2012
Clown Press | 2016/ 7
Strange Times by Dave West
Adam has contributed an illustration of Jackson Clemens and Mr Rock. You can purchase a copy of this much loved series of excellent stories from Accent UK.


Flood: Raising Money for Flood Victims

Various Writers and Artists:

John Freeman, Mike Nicoll, SMS, Paul Cornell, Simon Guerrier, Tony Suleri, Simon Mackie, Tom Milsom, Leonie O'Moore, Adam R. Grose, Team Sputnik, Ben Womack, Dave West, Jeremy Briggs, Jay Eales, Dave Hailwood, Toshiro De Smeyter, Richard Diesslin.
Clown Press | 2007


Free Comics to Download


underGROUND #1


In October 1987 the first issue of underGROUND was published and sold in college and through the magazines FEAR and Comics International with editor Dez Skinn reviewing as promising and one to watch. Now here is the opportunity to download for the first time the very first issue Adam Grose and Tony Suleri released all those years ago. An anthology of strange tales, exploring the dynamics of storytelling and sequential art making before the age of computers and printed through the humble photocopier.

Download Issue One here

The Difference
The Last Haul
A scientific supernatural drama where one man has to make a decision that could have grave psychological consequences.   An adventure drama following Captain Josh Ames as he tries to secure one last haul in an era of change for the interstella transportation industry.

Originally published in the comic underGROUND between 1988 to 1989.

Originally published in the comic underGROUND between 1988 to 1990.
Written by Adam R. Grose
Written by Adam R. Grose
Illustrated by Madcow
Illustrated by Fuzz B
Download here
Download here

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