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Adam Grose gained an MA in Fine Art at Falmouth University, Cornwall. His work explores the role of mapping, inter-cultural exchange, diversity, history, science, aesthetics and their relationship to cultural identity.

Through drawing, painting, printmaking and installation he develops alternative ways of recording a journey, capturing his experiences walking and rambling in various post-industrial landscapes in the U.K. and abroad. His work often combines scientific methods of observing and experimentation as well as inspiration from ancient mythology and tales.

Grose's work is collected in private and public collections worldwide.



Untitled (In the Moment)

Rock Pigments from Watchet, Snow water from Taunton, Sea water from a hole left by a fossil hunter on Watchet beach, Turpentine, Water mixable linseed oil, Charcoal, Indian Ink, Soapstone Powder | Postcard | 23rd April 2017


What are the relationships between the photographic image, painting and mediation?

This essay is a theoretical investigation exploring Adam Grose's practice and its relational mediation between itself and the photographic image. Since the 9/11 attacks on 11th September 2001 the following years have been a period of immense change and instability in the World.

Our interpretation of reality, through photographic images, has further evolved through the introduction of the mobile phone and its camera, creating particularities that hook into unknown appetites, devouring and assimilating new forms of information into our lifestyles, through the cacophony of phantasmagorical imagery shared on-line, something that can saturate our sense of culture and ourselves.

an artist monograph collecting all the work created during the 2011-2012 research year titled Mindscape: A Year in Cornwall will also be available soon.

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Cosmogenesis: The Chronicles of Quongo | 1st May 2017 | Pre-Order Kindle Release
The Skull of Muluc | Bloodlines | The Sword of Xian | Armageddon | The Shadow Falls | Rebirth

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