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Welcome to Adam Grose's website where you will be able to access most of his practice, writing, publications, research and explorations. This website is updated on a regular basis and worth checking back once a week.


Artist Statement

Adam R. Grose is an artist, writer and tutor with a wide range of experience whose practice is informed through exploring Poetics, Ecological Feminism and Pilgrimage. Grose utilises traditional drawing, painting, printing, installation and sculpture to create dynamic sets of layered, diaphanous, repeating patterns of line, tone, colour, form and rhythms - layering as a metaphor for the archaeology of time and exploring the physical engagement we have with reality.

Grose explores the role of mapping, inter-cultural exchange, the importance of diversity, aesthetics and their relationship to cultural identity. Through travelling, walking, Zen practice and exploring ideas on landscape, using maps and extracting soil bacteria, he forms imagery seeking to capture moments of memory and experience from the marks we leave behind.


Canal Walk (Taunton)
Oil on Canvas | April 2016 | Current Progress
Croyde (North Devon)
Oil on Board | Homage to Cezanne | April 2016

Walking With The People To The Landscape
Oil on Canvas | April 2016

Upcoming: Adam will be showing some work at this years Bath Arts Fringe. More news as these develop.

Sky Arts

Landscape Competition: Entries

Walking Along The Canal

Walking Around Cordoba
Oil on Canvas | 2016
Oil on Canvas | 2015
Journey Around Belalcazar (In Progress)
Oil on Canvas | 2016


Sky Arts

Portrait Competition: Entries
Self Portrait (Fauvist)
Self Portrait (Figure Form)
Oil on Circular Board | 2016
Oil on Circular Board | 2016
Portrait in a Wooley Hat
Oil Paint on Canvas Board
March-april 2016

Kim Fielding Award

Kim Fielding was a prolific Welsh artist and curator. His death in February 2014 came as a significant blow to the arts community in Wales and beyond. More details about Kim, his work and his legacy can be viewed here.

Plymouth Open Call

Submission proposal: Conversations
Mock Up of Gallery Space and Plan Proposal

The Arts Development Company: Commission Submission

Proposed Welcome Figures at Black Down (Near Hardy's Monument)

The Pilgrim: Timber Figurines displaying GPS mapped journeys (Recycled Sourced Wood)

Orientation Points: Circular Walks
Laser Etched Perspex/ Plexiglas Discs with layered images of Thomas Hardy's Wessex Map, Flora and Fauna, GPS Journey, Thomas Hardy's Poetry, Collected soil samples grown from sites.
Proposed digital sketch | Laser Etching | 2016
Proposed digital sketch | Laser Etching | 2016
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